MailWizz SMTP Integration Guide

Guide to integrate Mailazy with MailWizz


You need to complete these given prerequisites, you can skip the step if you have already completed.

  1. Sign up for a Mailazy account.
  2. Complete Domain Authentication.
  3. Generate the Mailazy Access Key

Integrate Mailazy with MailWizz

  1. Click on Create new server and Select the Smtp option from the list.

  1. Fill out the correct details of your server host, domain name, port number and save the details

  1. Below are the details of the Mailazy configuration.

    • HostName -
    • User Name - Your Mailazy account access key
    • Password - Your Mailazy account access secret
    • Post - 587
    • Protocol - STARTTLS
    • Timeout - 30 sec
    • From Address - email of the domain which you have verified on Mailazy
    • Probability - 100%
    • Reply to email - Optional
    • Hourly quota - 100 emails to start with (Recommended)
    • Daily quota - 2500 emails to start with (Recommended)