Webhooks - Bounce Event

Mailazy Bounce Webhook Event and Specification

Bounce webhooks are triggered for bounces that resulted from outgoing emails. So, your webhook would receive data for Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, Undeliverable bounces, etc.

Email addresses that are suppressed due to spam complaints cannot be reactivated or unsuppressed.

Bounce webhook data

  "event_type": "bounce",
  "bounce_type": "HardBounce",
  "bounce_code": 7001,
  "message_id": "<627394c62262b94858928333@mailazy.net>",
  "queued_at": 1651741894,
  "bounced_at": 1651741894,
  "suppressed": true,
  "can_unsuppress": true,
  "bounce_trace_available": true,
  "from": "sender@example.com",
  "recipient": "recipient@example.com",
  "subject": "example subject string",
  "description": "unable to deliver message (unknown user, mailbox not found)",
  "response": "failure reason phrase"

Bounce Types

Bounce types and their code are as follows:

HardBounce7001unable to deliver message (unknown user, mailbox not found)
SoftBounce7002unable to temporarily deliver message (mailbox full, account disabled, exceeds quota, out of disk space)
SpamNotification7008message was delivered, but was either blocked by the user, or classified as spam, bulk mail, or had rejected content
VirusNotification7016virus notification warning about a virus/code infected message or virus attachment
Blocked7032blocked from the ISP due to content or blacklisting
Unknown7064unknown error
BadEmailAddress1001recipient address is not a valid email address
DMARCPolicy1002email rejected due to DMARC Policy


There are many possible uses for the data provided by using the bounce webhook:

  • You could instantly help users correct their email if their sign-up email address bounces.
  • You could use the data to generate statistics that are specific to your application.
  • You could use the data to alert your team when certain emails bounce.