Mailazy with Pabbly

Send Emails Through Mailazy Using Pabbly

If you want to receive an email every time you receive a new Event Webhook post, you can do that using Pabbly.

  1. To get started with Mailazy on Pabbly, first you will need to click to connect your Mailazy account to use with your App.

  1. Next you should then enter your Mailazy account api secret key in the field labeled "API Secret Key", and your api key in the field labeled "API Key".


Action Event

Select Action event option “Send Email” and Hit “connect”.

Update Field

  1. To: User mail. Example:
  2. CC: Any valid email that you want in CC. Example:
  3. BCC: Any valid email that you want in BCC. Example:
  4. From: From Email address. We recommend using the same email that is configured on mailazy as sender mail. Example:
  5. Reply To: Any valid email that you want in reply to. Example:
  6. Subject: Message subject
  7. HTML: Message body (accepts html tags)

Test action

Select Test action option Hit “Save & send test request”.