Amazon SES Migration Guide

Everything you need to know about moving from Amazon SES to Mailazy


Migrating email service providers can be cumbersome. The follwing guide will detail some of the differences and similarities between Mailazy and Amazon SES, as well as give some useful tips for migrating to Mailazy from Amazon SES.

Using our migration API, you really don’t have to rework with your code library which you have been using to send emails from SES. Just, change the API endpoint and key in your existing Amazon SES’s API code or in the SDK/code library and you’re done.

e.g if SES’s email sending API looks something like this:

Then the Mailazy’s migration API for sending email will look something like this:

List of Amazon SES send email API params which are supported as a part of Mailazy migration API:

SES ParamMailazy Equivalent