Mailazy with Adalo

Send Emails Through Mailazy Using Adalo Custom Action.

The Mailazy provide Lightning fast delivery of your transactional emails powered by AI. Integrate email into your application with setup custom actions with the Mailazy Email API can be done from adalo dashboard. Here we can setup contact us page and set new contact form data to the Mail box.


You need to complete these given prerequisites, you can skip the step if you have already completed.


  1. Create custom action in adalo where you want to send email.

  1. Enter custom action name Custom Email Action Mailazy and select Type create

  1. Enter Base url as Mailazy Email API URL and select request Method as POST

  1. Authenticate user by api key and secret in request header. So create headers for your Mailazy account ApiKey and SecretKey.

  1. Create some input fields that you need require here we create 3 Input fields [email, subject and message] by clicking ADD ITEM. you may create as per your requirement.

  1. Create Request body as shown in image, update from email in Body json as per your added domain in Mailazy account.
	"to" : [""],
	"from": "Sender <>",
	"subject": "Hello, World!",
	"content": [{
		"type": "text/plain",
		"value": "Hey! ....."
		"type": "text/html",
		"value": "Hey! ....."

  1. Now hit Run Test Request. An email has been sent to your provided email address in the input item.

  1. Now hit SAVE CUSTOM ACTION button to save configuration.
  2. Now you need to config your request fields with your form fields

  1. So select your action field as your form fields and hit Done.

Test action

To verify all functionality is working fine, hit PREVIEW and perform action and verify contact form email functionality working.