Troubleshoot Sender Domain Authentication

Troubleshoot Mailazy Sender Domain Authentication

Auto Append Top-Level Domain

GoDaddy, Hostinger, Amazon Route 53, and Namecheap, are DNS hosts that will automatically add your top-level domain to your new DNS record values, resulting in a CNAME entry with the addition of your Top-Level Domain which results in authentication failure.

An example of this would be

In case your DNS provider adds your Top-Level Domain automatically then please try to remove the Top-Level Domain from all Mailazy CNAME records, For example, CNAME should be configured as only mz.

Propagation Time

Some DNS providers take longer than others to update your DNS records. DNS propagation could take as long as 48 hours, so you will likely have to come back later to verify the sender domain.


DNS providers such as Cloudflare provide your option to proxy CNAME records which leads to failure in sender domain authentication, please make sure to set the proxy off for Mailazy CNAME records.