Account Setup

An overview and guide of Mailazy initial account setup and steps

So, How do I begin?

Before you can start using the API, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a Mailazy account.

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  2. Or login using an existing account.

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  3. Once after signing up, you'll be taken through onboarding process which consists following verification processes

    • Email Verification ( Enter the OTP that you recieved via mail )

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    • Domain Verification

      • Enter the domain that you own

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      • Add CNAME records to your DNS provider

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Sometimes it take upto 24 hours to reflect the DNS changes. you might skip for now and verify later. You may also refer to domain verify guide here

If you see a warning regarding the account activation, you account will soon get activated once it is verified through a automated process, the process looks up for your domain repuatation and spam factors.

  1. After completing all due processes you are now ready to send your first mail

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