Best Practices for Confirmation Email Template

Best practices guide to confirmation email template

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta
April 05, 2021
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As the name suggests, appointment confirmation emails are the emails that confirm appointments, pretty simple right but there is a bit more to it, to create a quality confirmation email you need some tactics and strategy. Go through the blog to write your own confirmation appointment email.

When writing confirmation email, everything comes down to three things- Design, content, and delivery.


Design of the appointment confirmation emails must be very simple, if you try to be creative by adding lots of things design might lose its simplicity. Always remember this is no place where you market your business so keep it short and simple.


You don’t need any images (unrelated to appointment) or gif’s just simple receipt of the confirmed appointment is perfect. You can add a link related to your services but just remember it is an appointment confirmation don’t over take its purpose.


To deliver the right message to right person at the rights channel is a bit of task. If you add marketing messages it could create a problem as mailbox scans through emails and could send email to the spam. So deliverability is also a important factor for the email confirm appointment just like design and content.

Best Practices

  • Super transparent subject line: Subject must be super simple and obvious like “Conformation of you eye check up”. It must be so obvious that if customers were unable to find it then they can search it.
  • Sender Email: For most of the customers, sender addresses really matter by which they decide to open an email or not, So whoever( your business) is sending the email is important to avoid no-reply emails.
  • Include add-to-calendar button: It is really important to add the button for the convenience of the customers as it is good for both your business and for your customer as they don't miss the appointment.
  • Support: Make it easy for your customers to reach out to you regarding rescheduling or any other sort of problem.

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