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Partner with Mailazy and provide your customers with access to the industry's leading email delivery platform. Our partner program offers you to integrate Whitelabel emails and sell to your customers as you want.

Who should partner with us?

Hosting providers

Enhance your offering to your customer by providing integrated emails with a hosting solution at your selling price. Earn more, earn big and be the pioneer.

CMS providers

Offering prebuilt emailing can improve user experience and provides more capabilities inbuilt into your CMS for your customers.

Authentication providers

Emails are a must to have in the authentication process whether it's password reset or sending an OTP or sending a weekly summary. Deliver a seamless authentication experience and grow big.

Web Agencies

With Mailazy Email API, develop an exceptional email program and open up a new revenue stream by referring and implementing it for your clients.

Cloud solution providers

Integrate Mailazy partner APIs and integrate Whitelabel emails into your solution. More offering in this competitive market means more growth for your solution.

No code website/App builders

Emails are needed by every business and No code is the new way of development. Offering prebuilt emails can make it easier for your users to use your no-code solution while fulfilling all their needs.

Why to partner with Mailazy?

  • Partner with Mailazy and provide your customers with access to the industry's leading email delivery platform.

  • Using our white-labeled domains, MX, DKIM, and DMARC records will be configured as "" instead of "" to Whitelabel the solution.

  • Achieve the scalability your customers need with our proven and tested infrastructure.

  • No need to develop and maintain the whole emailing infrastructure. Sell emails at your price.

Powerful and Reliable Infrastructure

Mailazy's cloud infrastructures remove complications of large-scale email sending & delivery and make email sending super easy either via SMTP integration or RESTful APIs.

Security and Privacy

Mailazy secures the messages you send with authentication standards like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. Mailazy provides rotational DKIM to improve the sender's reputation factors.

Get support whenever you need

Our API specialists understand technical needs quickly and help identify the source of any problems. Our knowledgeable customer success team is here for you when you need it most.

How do I become Partner

Just fill-up the form below and we lets start you partner journey.

Become a Whitelable Partner

Why will your customers love Mailazy?

We just don't deliver emails, We deliver experience

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Trusted by 380+ business and delivering over 98 Million emails/month.

Still not sure why you should go for Mailazy ! Know straight from our customers

  • Mailazy is our primary provider for email. We use Mailazy because it concentrates on transactional emails. Our daily sending is around 20k emails from Mailazy. The Mailazy service is easy to implement, offers useful statistics and gives us scaling possibilities for the future.

    Ayush - Director Products

    It was very easy to set up Mailazy. It took around 10 minutes and we are ready to send out the first email. Their team is very supportive as we informed them about implementation. They are always available to provide any help if you need it.

    Puneet - Lead Developer at MojoAuth

  • Mailazy is super easy to get up and running. The pricing is great. We would encourage anyone looking for an email service to test drive Mailazy. There are a ton of options in the transactional email sector but Mailazy provides better value than most others.The API is very fast to accept emails, and Sent-to-Inbox time is almost instantaneously, which is very important when sending password reset emails etc.

    R2Logics Technology

    We were looking for a provider which scales with the demand and provides solid engineering back to our system. We wanted a fresh, dynamic, scalable, and cost-effective solution. Mailazy fulfills all our requirements and their support is amazing. Emails sent with Mailazy taking are taking less than a second to reach the user's inbox. This is very important for user experience. With Mailazy, we are quick and more responsive.

    Mr. Ramakant Gupta - Director at RG Infotech

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