White Label emails for everyone

Using our white-labeled domains, MX, DKIM, and DMARC records will be configured as "xxxx.yourdomain.com" instead of "xxxx.mailazy.net" to White label the solution so you can make your brand as visible or discreet as you need.

26 million emails delivered last week.

Trusted by 120+ partners and delivering over 650 Million emails/month

What is White Label?

White labeling makes your customers and partners think you manage your email service. To the ISPs that deliver your emails, white labeling boosts your sender reputation, which is vital to having your email delivered. Using our white-labeled domains, MX, DKIM, and DMARC records will be configured as "xxxx.yourdomain.com" instead of "xxxx.mailazy.net" to White Label the solution so you can make your brand as visible or discreet as you need.

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Why to partner with Mailazy?

Powerful and Reliable Infrastructure

Mailazy's powerful and reliable infrastructure provides the flexibility to send a few emails or scale to send a few million easily. Mailazy's cloud infrastructures remove complications of large-scale email sending & delivery and make email sending super easy either via SMTP integration or RESTful APIs. Mailazy provides availability of 99.9% uptime because of the reliability of infrastructures and tools.

Security and Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security. We continuously work to make our system more secure and protected. Mailazy secures the messages you send with authentication standards like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. Mailazy provides rotational DKIM to improve the sender's reputation factors. The data centers we use at Mailazy demonstrate compliance with rigorous international standards, such as ISO 27018 for cloud privacy, ISO 27017 for cloud security, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3, PCI DSS Level 1, and more.

Get support whenever you need

Our API specialists understand technical needs quickly and help identify the source of any problems. They will support maintaining a stable system for increased deliverability and your long-term email program success. Our knowledgeable customer success team is here for you when you need it most.

Send Emails with Mailazy

Mailazy is a simple email service with so many benefits. The highly scalable and powerful inrastructure helps you grow. Mailazy's team is well-equipped to help you quickly resolve your queries and issues.

Deliver new generation emailing experiences with super fast inbox delivery

Support whenever you need

Our email delivery experts always watching and analyzing delivery patterns to solve your sending complexities and ensure higher deliverability rate.


Send on a customer-trusted platform that help you to send emails and scale quickly, whether you want to send 2 emails or 2 million emails.

Still not sure why you should go for Mailazy ! Know straight from our customers

  • Our onboarding emails were our biggest customer experience bottleneck. Password resets getting lost in spam, activation links expiring – it was a mess. Mailazy changed the game and had a direct, positive impact on our activation rate and customer retention.

    RapidTask - Alex Ngu, Head of Product

    We were skeptical that just changing our email delivery would make a huge difference for our marketing campaigns. But the numbers speak for themselves. After switching to Mailazy, our open rates jumped almost 10%, and we're seeing a higher conversion rate on our promotional emails. Turns out, getting past spam filters and into the inbox is half the marketing battle!

    Insightsly - Emily Woo - Head of Marketing

  • Before Mailazy, we'd spend way too much time troubleshooting email deliverability issues for our clients. It was a frustrating distraction from our core development work. Mailazy provides reliable infrastructure that's easy to integrate with our clients' projects. Now we can confidently deliver apps knowing the critical email components will work seamlessly, enhancing both our services and our clients' overall experience.

    SwiftDev Studio – Sarah Woods, Project Lead

    We were looking for a way to differentiate our agency. Partnering with Mailazy allows us to offer a premium email deliverability solution as part of our service packages. It not only resolves a common pain point for clients but demonstrates our commitment to performance and reliability. Mailazy has helped us increase client satisfaction and even opened up new revenue streams.

    Innovate Web Solutions – Mark Edwards, CEO

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