A simple alternative to SparkPost

We are Mailazy, the SparkPost alternative that enables you to send a transactional email that delivers to your customer's inbox on time. Our users inspire everything we do at Mailazy. We're constantly identifying and removing barriers while adding new features that you'll actually use and love.

Mailazy vs. SparkPost

Mailazy is a solid SparkPost alternative, providing everything you'll need for sending application emails, processing inbound email, and tracking user engagement.


Instead of a complex and bulky feature set, we believe in finding simple ways to get things done. Mailazy is in beta right now and we are constantly working on features that our customers need the most. But Mailazy has everything that your team needs to start working with transactional emails.


Don't settle for anything. We are providing the best transactional email service to businesses and agencies. Our users inspire everything we do at Mailazy. We're constantly identifying and removing barriers while adding new features that you'll actually use and love.

Hassle-free fast email delivery to inbox with proof

We constantly monitor our delivery speeds. We constantly work to refine and increase the delivery speed.

Gmail Hotmail Apple Yahoo
2.18s 3.32s 4.01s 4.21s
Avg 3.09s Avg 3.31s Avg 5.11s Avg 4.21s

Still need convincing? No problem!

Here are a couple of reasons that might grab your attention.


Our customer support team works around the clock to help you when you need it most. We are currently available 5 days a week. Get fast email replies with every plan.

Email deliverability

Our deliverability experts are dedicated to reducing bounce rates and spam complaints while improving open rates and inbox placement rates.

Simplest Platform

We're big believers in the power of keeping things simple. In Mailazy, you will not find over-complicated features and processes. This will help you to quickly integrate and send emails from your application.

Scalable and secure sending infrastructure

We protect your sender reputation with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email security protocols on our mail servers. You can send emails with SSL/TLS encryption using our secure SMTP server or call our REST API.

Send transactional emails with Mailazy

Mailazy email delivery platform is powered by AI and uses the global infrastructure so that you can scale effortlessly. Mailazy is the trusted transactional email provider for hundreds of businesses and we are growing every day. We are known for being the most reliable and trusted senders on the internet.

Trusted by 380+ business and delivering over 98 Million emails/month.

Still not sure why you should go for Mailazy ! Know straight from our customers

  • Mailazy is our primary provider for email. We use Mailazy because it concentrates on transactional emails. Our daily sending is around 20k emails from Mailazy. The Mailazy service is easy to implement, offers useful statistics and gives us scaling possibilities for the future.

    Govind - Director Products at LoginRadius

    It was very easy to set up Mailazy. It took around 10 minutes and we are ready to send out the first email. Their team is very supportive as we informed them about implementation. They are always available to provide any help if you need it.

    Puneet - Lead Developer at MojoAuth

  • Mailazy is super easy to get up and running. The pricing is great. We would encourage anyone looking for an email service to test drive Mailazy. There are a ton of options in the transactional email sector but Mailazy provides better value than most others.The API is very fast to accept emails, and Sent-to-Inbox time is almost instantaneously, which is very important when sending password reset emails etc.

    R2Logics Technology

    We were looking for a provider which scales with the demand and provides solid engineering back to our system. We wanted a fresh, dynamic, scalable, and cost-effective solution. Mailazy fulfills all our requirements and their support is amazing. Emails sent with Mailazy taking are taking less than a second to reach the user's inbox. This is very important for user experience. With Mailazy, we are quick and more responsive.

    Mr. Ramakant Gupta - Director at RG Infotech

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