How to Configure DNS Records with Shopify

Guide to Configure DNS Records with Shopify

Configuring Mailazy DNS records with Shopify is simple and easy. By confugring DNS records with Shopify, Mailazy associates DKIM and SPF records to your domain which allows Mailazy to send signed and authorized emails from your domain.

We need to add the CNAME records in DNS setting of domain provider to verify the domain. In order to configure the Mailazy’s DNS records with Shopify follow the given steps.

Did you know: It takes only 5 mins to configure Mailazy DNS settings!

1. Get your Mailazy CNAME Records

  • Goto setting tab in Mailazy dashboard
  • Click on Verify Button. Mailazy
  • Add the Domain and Click on Next Button Mailazy
  • Now you get the sender domain verification CNAME Mailazy
  • These CNAME should add to Shopify DNS settings

2. Configure Records

  • Log in to your Shopify account.
  • Goto sales channels
  • Goto Online Store
  • Select Domain
  • Go to Shopify-managed domains.
  • Click Manage to edit the domain DNS Record
  • Click on DNS Settings
  • Click on Add Custom Record
  • Select the CNAME option from the Type drop-down menu.
  • Add the CNAME Record Key and Value which are given on Mailazy dashboard
  • Enter the desired TTL value into the TTL field. The recommended value is 14400.
  • Click on Add button

3. Verify or Validate DNS Records

  • After adding the CNAME records in Shopify.
  • Come back to Mailazy Dashboard and Click on Verify button.
  • Now the sender domain verification complete when get the green tick on domain verification.
  • If the domain is not verified then wait for some time. It may take a few hours to verify the domain.