Why Your SaaS Emails Are Going to Spam (And How Mailazy Can Fix It)

Uncover the secrets to preventing your SaaS emails from being flagged as spam and explore the solutions offered by Mailazy to ensure successful email delivery.

Friday, May 17, 2024


You meticulously craft your SaaS emails, packed with valuable updates, onboarding tutorials, or important notifications. But instead of delighting users in their inboxes, those emails mysteriously land in spam folders, or worse, vanish into the digital void. It is frustrating! A scenario that could quietly undermine your SaaS growth, customer engagement, and overall reputation. This article dissects the complex reasons behind emails being flagged as spam. Importantly, it explores the specific ways in which Mailazy, as a secure and reliable email delivery solution, helps you rebuild inbox trust, and ensures your legitimate and critical emails land where they belong – with your users.

Understanding Spam Filters: The Gatekeepers of Inboxes

Modern email providers employ sophisticated spam filters to safeguard users from the relentless barrage of unwanted and potentially malicious emails. However, these filters can sometimes misidentify even legitimate SaaS communications as spam. Let’s unravel the common culprits:

  1. Inadequate Authentication: A lack of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication might make your emails look suspicious, especially if you’re sending from a new domain.
  2. Poor IP Reputation: If you’re using shared IP addresses in your email infrastructure, another sender’s bad behavior on that same IP can negatively impact your deliverability.
  3. Content Triggers: Certain words, excessive links, image-to-text ratio imbalances, and misleading subject lines can raise alarms with spam filters.
  4. Inconsistent Sending Patterns: Spikes in email volume or sending emails at odd hours can make your email activity seem suspicious.
  5. High Bounce Rates: Consistently high bounce rates signal that your email list isn’t properly maintained or that you might be sending to invalid addresses.
  6. User Complaints: If users frequently mark your emails as spam, it sends a strong negative signal to email providers.
  7. Blacklisted IP Address: In severe cases, your sender IP may end up on blacklists used by email services, creating a major delivery roadblock.

The Cost of the Spam Trap

Getting caught in the spam trap has serious consequences for SaaS companies:

  • Missed Critical Communications: Time-sensitive notifications, password resets, and account activation alerts disappearing into spam folders cripple user experience.
  • Lost Engagement and Revenue: Promotional emails and newsletters vanish, hindering marketing efforts and sales opportunities.
  • Reduced User Trust: Emails that consistently land in spam can erode user trust, increasing customer support load and potentially harming retention.
  • Damage to Sender Reputation: A history of being flagged as spam tarnishes your sender reputation, making it increasingly difficult for even legitimate emails to reach inboxes.

How Mailazy Makes a Difference

Mailazy’s secure SMTP service offers a multi-pronged solution to navigate the complexities of spam filters and secure reliable inbox delivery for your SaaS emails:

  • Whitelisted IPs and Reputation Management: Mailazy maintains a pool of IP addresses with a positive reputation. These IPs are frequently monitored to ensure they remain off spam blacklists. Your emails get the trust boost of a “good neighborhood,” improving your email deliverability from the get-go.
  • Robust Email Authentication: Mailazy simplifies the setup and management of SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols, making it incredibly easy to verify your identity as a sender. Authenticated emails earn a higher trust rating with email providers, greatly increasing inbox placement rates.
  • Mailazy’s Deliverability Expertise: Mailazy’s team continuously monitors email deliverability trends and evolving best practices. They provide guidance and support in optimizing your email content and sending practices to avoid triggering spam filters.
  • Dedicated Sending Infrastructure: You gain control over your IP reputation as a Mailazy client, isolating yourself from the risk of “bad” neighbors that often plague shared email sending setups. Mailazy helps you manage proper IP warm-up when starting out, building a positive sending reputation tailored to your business.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Detailed reporting on email delivery rate, bounces, open rates, and other essential metrics gives you data to pinpoint issues and refine your email strategy. If a new issue arises, you have actionable data to diagnose and fix it before it snowballs.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Emails Out of the Spam Folder

Mailazy provides the infrastructure, but your ongoing success also depends on good emailing practices:

  • Manage your email lists: Regularly clean your email list by removing inactive or invalid addresses to minimize bounces.
  • Segment your audience: Send targeted emails based on user behavior or preferences to increase relevance and engagement.
  • User-centric content: Craft valuable, informative content that aligns with user expectations. Avoid “spammy” sales pitches, deceptive subject lines, or excessive exclamation marks!!!
  • Optimized formatting: Maintain a healthy text-to-image ratio and ensure emails are mobile-responsive.
  • Explicit consent: Obtain clear opt-in consent and make unsubscribing easy to comply with GDPR and anti-spam laws.
  • Monitor your performance: Track your spam complaint rate and take immediate action if it increases.

Example: A SaaS Makeover with Mailazy

Imagine a SaaS startup, specializing in project management software. Their email deliverability was erratic, with many critical emails lost in spam. Here’s how switching to Mailazy transformed their situation:

  1. Authentication Made Easy: Mailazy simplified setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC protocols, making their emails instantly more trustworthy to receiving email providers.
  2. Dedicated IP, Fresh Reputation: Mailazy provided a dedicated IP, giving them a clean slate from which to build a strong sender reputation tailored to their email patterns.
  3. Goodbye Guesswork: Mailazy’s analytics gave clear insights into delivery rates and user engagement. This data helped identify a few spam-triggering phrases, which were then revised for better deliverability.

Results That Count

  • Activation emails for new sign-ups promptly started reaching their intended inboxes, improving onboarding success.
  • Password resets became instantaneous, reducing customer frustration and support call volume.
  • Even their marketing campaigns started to perform better, now that emails landed where they were meant to.

Beyond Just Fixing the Spam Problem

Mailazy not only helps you solve the immediate concern, but it positions you for long-term email deliverability success by:

  • Scalability: Mailazy’s infrastructure can seamlessly scale alongside the growth of your SaaS business. You won’t need to worry about deliverability issues hindering expansion.
  • Evolving with Best Practices: The experts at Mailazy keep pace with the changing landscape of email deliverability, providing you with updated guidance and technology solutions.
  • Freed Up Resources: No more hours wasted troubleshooting unreliable email delivery. This allows your team to focus on core product development and customer support enhancements.
  • A Foundation for Trust: Reliable email delivery nurtures a sense of trust with your users. They come to expect that your communications will arrive as intended, which is critical for any successful SaaS product.

Choosing the Right Partner for Email Deliverability

Consider these factors when choosing an SMTP provider similar to Mailazy:

  • Reputation and track record: Opt for a service with a demonstrable reputation for email deliverability and a commitment to security.
  • Focus on SaaS needs: Select a provider with a specific focus on transactional emails and who understands the nuances of SaaS communications.
  • Ease of integration: Ideally, you want easy integration with your existing systems and minimal technical overhead to set up and manage.
  • Scalability: Your email solution should be able to grow with your business without sacrificing performance.
  • Support and resources: Look for providers who offer proactive support, clear documentation, and expertise in email deliverability best practices.


While spam filters serve a vital purpose, the unfortunate reality for SaaS companies is that sometimes legitimate emails get ensnared. Understanding the mechanics of spam filtering is step one. The far more impactful next step is partnering with a secure and reliable email delivery solution like Mailazy.

By combining Mailazy’s robust infrastructure, deliverability expertise, and proactive monitoring with your own adherence to email sending best practices, you can dramatically improve the chances of your critical SaaS communications reaching your users’ inboxes. Ultimately, a good sender reputation and reliable email infrastructure become a driving force in your SaaS company’s long-term success.