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Kunal Saini
Kunal Saini
February 15, 2021
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The Mailazy platform helps you to send transactional emails seamlessly and track email deliverability and enables your applications to send messages via a simple HTTP REST interface.

Mailazy platform brings capabilty to send out transactional emails from your backend services, It's easy to send out emails, you can set it up either via SDK libraries or REST API interface.

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What is Mailazy?

Mailazy is a Transactional Email Platform specially built for developers which satisfies the requirement for use cases like Reset Password Emails, OTP Emails, Welcome Emails, and so on. Mailazy has built to serve their customers a high value transactional email service. Sending transactional emails shouldn’t be hard with the right transaction email service. With an email service provider or simple transactional email service like Mailazy, you can easily send and track your transactional emails. Our goal is to help you achieve high delivery rates and keep your transactional emails out of the spam folder. We are always there for whenever ypu need us.

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Kunal Saini

Kunal Saini

Kunal is a Lead Software Development Engineer at Mailazy. He graduated in Computer Science and considers himself a learner of life. He loves to play cricket, football and computer games.

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