Sender Authentication Explained!

A brief overview to sender authentication!

Pranav Sharma
Pranav Sharma
March 09, 2021
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Sender authentication refers to the process of showing email providers that Mailazy has your permission to send emails on your behalf. To set up sender authentication, add CNAME DNS records to your hosting service or DNS provider. These DNS records associate your sending domain with Mailazy — when an inbox provider such as gmail processes your email, they would authenticate and chekc for your domain instead of, all the associated DKIM, SPF records will also be signed from your domain.

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What is Mailazy?

Mailazy is a Transactional Email Platform specially built for developers which satisfies the requirement for use cases like Reset Password Emails, OTP Emails, Welcome Emails, and so on. The Mailazy platform helps you to send transactional emails seamlessly and track email deliverability. Mailazy enables your applications to send messages via a simple HTTP REST interface or via easy SMTP integration and abstracts away the complexities of sending transactional emails.

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Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma is a Lead Software Development Engineer at Mailazy. He graduated in Computer Science and considers himself a learner of life. He loves to play cricket, football and computer games.

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