Marketing Email vs Transaction Email

An overview to marketing vs transaction email!

Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021

The main deffrentiatior between Transactional and marketing email is ‘use cases’. The most common question we get from our potential customers is this:

“What is the difference between marketing email and transactional email?” or “How both Emails are different form each other?”

No matter what is your usecase is, we can help you to get understand the difference clearly.

The difference between marketing email and transactional email is how you send those messages. As we usually explain to the people that email us:

With Mailazy, we are using core ways for you to send email i.e; Web API. Our customers choose to send transactional emails through Web API which is most ppopular and core way to send Transactional Emails. API is the window to send another code or utility which makes it easy to send emails and automate processes via your app. Web API provides expanded functionality and our is to provide simplest email API which fast to integrate, perfomant and extendable to meet custom requirements. In the end, it’s not the content of the email that matters, but how you choose to send it.

Transactional Email

Transactional emails can also be called “Self triggered” emails because they include any email that is auto triggered by a user’s interaction with a web app or system (think of a purchase receipt, or forgot password emails). Often times, transactional emails are sent through programmatically through one of our APIs or through SMTP relay. Unlike SMTP, HTTP API does not have a unique specification, so each email service provider implements its own solution.

Examples of transactional email include:

  • Order Confirmations
  • Password reset
  • Order receipts
  • Shipping notification emails
  • Delivery confirmation emails
  • Double opt-in emails
  • Legal update email
  • Invoice emails

Transactional email customers use Mailazy to programmatically send transactional email messages. You will be creating your email templates, content, and recipient lists, and then using Mailazy Email API as the delivery engine.

Marketing Email

Unlike the transactional emails that are self triggered and sent programmatically, marketing emails are timed and sent strategically to your recipient or subscriber list. Traditionally, their content and purpose are different than transactional messages.

Examples of marketing email include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Thank you emails
  • Lead nurturing emails
  • Listicles
  • Infographics
  • Email newsletters
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Post-transactional follow-up emails

Again, the content of these messages could be considered transactional or marketing, the difference is how Mailazy is used to send them.

To learn more about Mailazy’s transactional email solutions, visit our website.

In the end, the most successful companies use transactional emails for branding, messaging, and growth. To make sure you’re sending the most creative, effective, and liked Transactional email, make sure you are building a good email with a good visual, concise content, and appropriate headers.