How to Boost Open and Click Rates Using Emojis in Email

Delivering common email newsletters that draw in opens and clicks, build your model persona, and expand relationships along with your consumers? It’s so much to invite. Luckily there’s a deceptively simple instrument to assist in making your email advertising and marketing more practical. Emojis.

Kavya Patel
Kavya Patel
September 29, 2021
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Delivering common email newsletters that draw in opens and clicks, build your model persona, and expand relationships along with your consumers? It’s so much to invite. Luckily there’s a deceptively simple instrument to assist in making your email advertising and marketing more practical. Emojis.


But no longer only will they lift your model’s tone of voice, they're going to get more eyes in your publication content material. “I later began using emojis in my email advertising and marketing topic strains and open rates doubled”.

If you’re new to email advertising and marketing, head over to our email advertising and marketing guide to get you started. Or, learn for the lowdown on email emoji very best practices to attain more opens and clicks.

Emojis in email very best observe:

Before you add emojis in your emails, take into account these very important. Hear from fellow small business homeowners and advertising and marketing professionals at the common wins and pitfalls of emojis in email advertising and marketing.

Start via discovering what steps you should take each and every time you add an emoji.

Do examine your preferred emoji across all gadgets

Every different email client, working gadget, and social media platform has a different suite of emojis. Some are virtually identical. Others look different enough to have an effect on which means and user enjoy.

Always examine how the emojis you’ve selected seem across different gadgets. Emojipedia lists the entire different emojis via title and category. It shows how they appear on any instrument, from Apple iOS to Android, Gmail to Microsoft, and the whole lot in between.

When deciding on a brand new emoji, use Emojipedia to check whether or not it's going to show up as a clean square. This method a tool or platform hasn’t but released a similar.

Do be certain your which means is obvious

You’ve checked your emoji reads smartly across all gadgets, but does it translate across age groups, cultures, and backgrounds?

Writer Joe Jones tells a cautionary story: “I made the error of the use of the 👊 emoji as an empowering fist-bump. It seems many – particularly older generations – interpret it as a punch within the face. Be wary!” To keep clear of any confusion or offense, stick with widespread emojis with one clear meaning.

When millennials find one thing hilarious, they’ll use the crying laughing emoji 😂. Generation Z thinks this is outdated and prefers the skull emoji 💀.


Hang out on social media. Watch conversations between members of your audience to grasp the emojis they use and how they use them. This will help you keep away from coming across as outdated.

Do stay the tone certain

Keep the emojis for your email messages upbeat. Charlotte Spence, head of sleep well being research, “No one desires to see a tragic face. Instead, use emojis to put across happy feelings that can lead to a sale, or at least pique buyer curiosity.”

Think about how you need folks to really feel when they encounter your model and make a selection of your emojis accordingly. If doubtful, a smiley face is helping set the tone.

Do create model tips

Pick a few emojis that you need to go along with your model. They act as a secondary brand for what you are promoting and expand model consciousness and recognition.

Pizzahut’s Pizza makes use of the pizza emoji with the purple center to create a constant model language consumers go along with the chain.


Even if you happen to don’t select signature emojis in your model, expand a model emoji guide to ensure everyone creating content for what you are promoting is at the similar web page. The end result will be constant communication that enhances your model message.

Do take into accounts accessibility and diversity

Make positive your emoji use caters to your entire target market without exception.

Users with impaired vision rely on assistive generation similar to display screen readers to experience virtual content material. When a display screen reader reads an emoji, it reads a unique description of that emoji or transcribes it into braille. So 💃 turns into “girl dancing.”

dancing woman

How to use emojis in email to boost open rates

So, you know the do’s and don’ts for the usage of emojis for your email messaging. Let’s find out how to use emojis to boost open rates. The secret here is to use emojis with a goal.

Emojis in topic strains

The effects are using emojis in email topic strains had a higher open price. They help your email stand out and give your reader a concept of what to expect.

emoji email

Before you overdo it, Sarah Townsend recommends coming near email topic line emojis with care. “Use them sparingly as too many can come across as spammy”.

How to boost click on rates

You’ve used a few emojis, your subscribers have opened your email. What next?

Emojis in email content

Here, New starter makes use of one purple center giving the email a warm real feel without coming across as immature or unprofessional.

If you’re an off-the-cuff model with a tender target market, emojis make a crowd pleasing choice to bullet issues.

  • Draw consideration to their key messages
  • Position the emblem as an activist
  • Remain on-brand of their signature blue

Final tops for emojis in email

Email emoticons, used with goal and care, will

  • Add energy in your tone of voice
  • Enhance your model persona
  • Boost open and click rates
  • Sell more products

Rather than letting emojis hold you again in the closing minute, join a free plan with Mailazy and get started sending emails.

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